Sunday 28 April 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo review

So today I'm going to be talking about a product I think every girl has tried, dry shampoo. Personally I've used this for a lot of different reasons. I used it when I did dance when my hair would have to stay in the same style overnight, I used it when I used to dart from university to college to work and I also used it at Leeds festival last year. There is always the one brand I use; Batiste.

Above: Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have black hair but rather than using the dry shampoo specifically designed for my black hair I prefer the original as I can see where the powder has gone and how to blend it in. I have very thick and long hair so sometimes in the summer when I'm a bit more sweaty or when my hair is feeling lank I use this to add volume to my hair. I also use this when I have just had my hair dyed to make the colour last longer. Overall I would say for such a cheap price this dry shampoo is really worth picking up. I think dry shampoo is something that you rarely use but when you need it you NEED IT! I can definitely say that this product was a lifesaver at Leeds festival! This is a very quick review because all I can say is that this dry shampoo does what it says on the tin, it absorbs the grease and makes your hair appear less greasy; although you may still feel your hair needs a wash. There are a variety of these dry shampoos available such as;

  1. Batiste fragrance which come in the fragrances - Blush, Lace, Cherry, Fresh, Tropical and Original
  2. Batiste Large cans which are the more value for money cans (which I purchase). If you use dry shampoo a lot its worth getting these so your room doesn't get full of the cans and you save money. These are available in - Blush, Original and Tropical
  3. The Boots exclusive range which include - Wild, Graffiti and their party trio pack
  4. Batiste hint of colour range for those looking for a powder to match their particular hair colour. These are available in - Brown (dark and light), Blonde and Red
  5. Batiste XXL volume designed to create voluminous hair - available in big and bouncy
  6. Lastly Batiste travel sizes which come in 50ml travel sized containers and are available in - Original,  Blush, Tropical and Cherry
Out of their available scents I have tried Original, Tropical, Fresh and Blush. I always use Original as I honestly prefer my hair products to not have scents as I feel like your hair can hold scents for a while so I don't like a smell to linger. As I mentioned before I do buy the larger cans as I buy these cans often enough to buy the bigger ones. These bigger cans come as large as 400ml in some stores with the next one down being 200ml. I try to pick up the 400ml to save money. The next product I would like to try would be their Batiste XXL volume so if I do pick this up I will be sure to review it!

Now on to the positives and negatives!

  • Cheap
  • Available easily in the UK, not only just in boots
  • Available in different sizes so perfect for handbags or for at home 
  • Available in different colours, styles and scents so plenty to try and their should be one for everyone
  • Perfect for festivals!
  • Even the larger cans tend to not last as long as say a hair spray
  • Some of the scents can be a bit musky due to the absorbent nature of the product
As always hope you found this review helpful!

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