Friday 4 July 2014

*Book Review: Prime Deception by Carys Jones*

Hello everyone! As promised this week is full of all things book and reading related! I hope you are all enjoying it! I have been so inspired with my reading and book reviews lately. I love summer because something about it makes me want to lay bay and relax with a good book. Anyway! Today I will be reviewing Prime Deception by Carys Jones. Carys contacted me asking if I would be interested in reading her book and of course I said yes!

Firstly let me start off by saying that usual a book centred around the political world wouldn't usually draw me in. I will be the first to admit that I am bad with politics although I do find it interesting and I do try to stay up to date with it. The novel Prime Deception is based in the fictional political world of Charles Llyod, the prime minister, who finds himself in a loveless and unhappy marriage with his wife Elaine Llyod. Charles finds himself wrapped up in an affair with his secretary Lorna Thomas. However upon the discovery of Lorna's death and apparent suicide Charles and his world take an unusual twist. Events develop further when Lorna's twin sister, Laurie Llyod, arrives looking for answers about her sisters death.

The plot for this book really interested me. I found that the plot was really engaging and had plenty of twists that kept me wanting to read on. Usually, since I am a big reader, I can often predict the direction of the plot that a book will take however I must admit that I did not expect the ending to this book! Of course I won't give this away - you will have to read the book yourself to discover the ending! My only criticism of the book and the ending is that it did seem a tad rushed. I would have preferred more time and chapters dedicated to the ending and the conclusion of everything. 

However other than this I really did love the book. It is a smooth read. It was perfect for having in my handbag on my Kindle as I could just pick up the plot and put it down as and when. I also loved the developing characterisation that occurred in the book; particularly with Charles, Laurie and even Lorna who we learn more about. As the plot thickens I felt that not only did I learn more about the events that had happened but I also learned more about the characters involved.

If you are beginning to explore the crime/mystery genre then this is the perfect starting point. The plot isn't hard to follow unlike some crime/thrillers that can make you feel like you have to be an experienced detective to figure out the whole book! A massive thumbs up and recommendation from me!

Do you have any recommendations for crime or mystery novels? Let me know in the comments!

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*NOTE: The book Prime Deception was sent to me to review however all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.*