Friday 18 July 2014

*Book Review: Blaze Tuesday and the case of The Knight Surgeon by Kai Kiriyama*

Hello everyone! Today I have another book review for you guys! I have really been loving writing book reviews lately. As I am sure you can tell after my book themed week a few weeks ago I hope to bring you guys a ton more reviews on the books I have read this year! The lovely Kai Kiriyama contacted me through Twitter wondering if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her book. I jumped at the opportunity as it sounded like such an interesting book!

Blaze Tuesday and the case of The Knight Surgeon by Kai Kiriyama

Blaze Tuesday is a crime/detective novel in a world where the latest fashion trend is clockwork body modifications. To explain this further it is essentially replacing body parts for robotic clockwork parts. Some have this body modification out of medical necessity however others become more addicted to the modifications. 

Blaze Tuesday, the protagonist, is an ex cop who is now a detective. His whole world gets turned upside down when he is asked by one of the leading clockwork implant firms to deliver a package. This delivery is the beginning of a plot that develops further and further in revealing a conspiracy fuelled by the leading corporates in body modifications.

Firstly I love the concept of the story line and the whole inclusion of body modifications. Often crime/detective novels can become a bit repetitive in plot structure however this was a fantastic twist! All of the characters in the story are developed beautifully. I really enjoyed Blaze and his tongue and cheek attitude to life. 

I also love how as the story develops we learn more about the world of robotic clockwork modifications and more about the life and background of Blaze Tuesday. It really fascinated me how much thought and detail Kai has put in to creating this world of body modifications. The attention to detail describing these modifications, the corporations that produce them and the people that use them is incredible!

Overall I would totally recommend this book, even to those that don't necessarily enjoy crime/detective novels! I love the world that Kai has created and I can see this series become one of my favourites!

What is your favourite crime/detective novel? Please let me know in the comments!

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*NOTE: The book Blaze Tuesday and the case of The Knight Surgeon was sent to me to review however all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.*


  1. This sounds like such a good book! I think I'll pick it up if I see it anytime soon :) X

  2. I'm beginning to get more and more into crime and detective novels this year. It is available in an ebook format I believe!