Friday 31 July 2015

W7 In The Mood Palette - Review

W7 In The Mood Palette

 Recently I had a little 'I must own ever palette' phase. Consequently when it came round to my birthday last month I asked the other half to pick me up a wide variety of palettes from the W7 range that I have had my eye on. I say wide variety, he pretty much got me all of their tinned palettes. They're pretty difficult to pick up in any store. I've seen them dotted in the clearance/ make-up sections in various clothing stores however not one store seems to exclusively stock them. Gaz managed to get hold of all of them in one go for me on Amazon. So your best bet is probably there.

W7 In The Mood Palette

I think we can all agree that W7 make a good attempt with their larger palettes at creating a Naked dupe. These smaller palettes seem to emulate the Naked Basics palettes as well as being a great portable neutrals palette. I actually packed this palette for my recent graduation for photograph touch ups and it did very well!

Shrimp, Oops & Venice
Left to right: Shrimp, Oops & Venice

There are six shades in the palette in total. They also have names which is fantastic for a cheaper brand. The likes of MUA and Makeup Revolution tend to stay away from eyeshadow names whereas W7 have named all their shadows.

Shrimp: Shrimp is a gorgeous highlight shade. If you enjoy highlighting but don't enjoy the shimmer that some have this is a great alternative. 

Oops: Oops is a great base colour for other shades. It really makes other eyeshadows pop when worn underneath. It is also a great natural shade for those days where you want a wash of colour.

Venice: Venice is slightly deeper that Oops. It is much more warm toned. I love using this during the, all be it very few, sunny days we've been having to add warmth to my eyes. It's also a great blending colour.

Wink, Katie and Cargo
Left to right: Wink, Katie and Cargo

Wink: These next few shades are the deeper in the palette. Wink is a cool toned brown and is a great transition colour for a lighter smoky eye.

Katie: Katie is a much deeper brown. I actually use this for my eyebrows. Yes you heard me right! I use my real techniques brow brush and use it as an eyebrow powder. I absolutely love it and it blends beautifully.

Cargo: Cargo is a gorgeously pigmented black matte colour. I can't get over the black in this palette. It's gorgeous. I'm usually scared to use black eyeshadow but with it being matte I feel like it is a ton more wearable.

The wear time of these shadows is pretty good. As with any other eyeshadow I would recommend a primer or at least using a base eyeshadow colour to help you blend out any colours. As I said above I wore these eyeshadows on my graduation day. They lasted from 7am all the way up to 1pm without any creasing. When I got home they only required the smallest of touch ups. Can't complain really!

Have you tried any of the W7 palettes? What do you think of this one? Let me know in the comments below!

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