Monday 27 April 2015

Wilkinsons - Body Butter in Coconut & Vanilla - Review

Wilkinsons lately seem to have taken the beauty world by storm. With the release of their own make-up brushes and also a bath and body range which I must say all contain pretty darn affordable products.

Wilkinsons - Body Butter in Coconut & Vanilla

I'm pretty amazed to tell you that the cost of this massive 200ml tub of body butter is an amazing... 95p. 95p! You can check out this particular scent on the website here if you're interested. There are a variety of scents to choose from, which is down to your own preference really. I chose coconut because I freaking love the smell of coconut! 

How about the body butter itself? How does it do? Well for those sensitive to smell I would definitely watch out. I have very sensitive skin so I have to pick a day when my skin is pretty okay to use this as the added fragrance can set off my skin. I can't fault the actual body butter however. It moisturises well and is very thick. It's actually almost the consistency of a tubbed face mask, if that makes any sense, but then melts well in to the skin. This for me is perfect for winter but now that the sun is finally showing I don't reach for it as often. It's just too thick.

Overall for a cheap body butter you can't really go wrong with it. I can see these being a perfect little gift/ stocking filler for teens/young adults.

Have you tried anything from Wilkinsons? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Ooh I must get a couple of these to try, what a great price!! My favourite body butters are Sanctuary Spa but at £10 a pot they're a treat/gift item, so when I run low on those that I have currently, I'll be trying these out. Thanks!

    1. Considering how cheap they are you could easily pick ip a couple to try!