Monday 8 December 2014

Lifestyle - 2 year anniversary

Hello everyone! It's been a long year and so much has changed but I wanted to let you guys know how me and Gaz spent our second anniversary!

Claire and Gaz

This is us before we headed out. We decided we would head to Gusto in Liverpool again as we did for our one year anniversary as we really did enjoy it there. We also wanted to nip into the shops and get Gaz a winter coat. The shops were absolutely packed!

Lovelocks - Albert Dock

Before we headed to Gusto we attached our lock to Albert Dock! I'm actually going to do a blog post on this lock to let you guys know where we picked it up and my thoughts. I absolutely love how it came out and the whole concept is very sweet. Basically one the lock is locked it can not be undone. It has no key. We put our names on the lock, forever and always - which is what we always say to each other - and the date we got together 09.12.12! 

Gusto - Cocktails

Here is Gaz showcasing the unusual cocktails we decided to try... we thought we would try something new! Both tasted absolutley gorgeous. I wish I had some sort of cocktail knowledge so I could recreate these at home however I don't think my Malibu and Vodka bottle in the fridge will be enough to recreate these!

Gusto - Large red wine

Here is my attempt at a funny face... maybe not. On to the large wine! It's CHRISTMAS! 

Gusto Burger

Here is my dinner. I chose the Gusto burger which was absolutely gorgeous. The meat was cooked to perfection and it was just enough food to fill me up. 

Gusto Home-made Lasagne

Gaz had the home-made lasagne. I am asking him for his review right now and the 
he is saying 'nice', 'good' and 'I ate it all'.... He's very descriptive. He also said there was a lot more than what it looked like and it was very filling. I did try a bit of the sauce and it was indeed lovely.

Gusto - Ice Cream

Yes I started my dessert before taking a photograph... don't judge me! I simply got ice cream and nuts which was just enough for me! I also stole some of Gareth's chocolate sauce! Ooops!

Gusto - Home-made Doughnuts

Gaz got chocolate sauce, cream and doughnuts. Again another review of 'nice', 'good' and 'filling'... note to self:  Gaz isn't the best for a descriptive review! Once again I tried these and they were very tasty and sugary!

Liverpool - Christmas lights

Liverpool never fails to amaze me with its Christmas decorations. These were just two of many massive reindeer lights around the city. They were stunning.

Liverpool - Christmas tree

I think it is safe to say that their tree is pretty big too! God knows ow many baubles were smashed in the process! It was such a pretty, all be it cold, walk back to the station but a lovely walk to end a lovely night!

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  1. Hope you guys had a fab anniversary! The food looks deeeeeelish, especially that homemade lasagne! I'm hungry now, haha x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. We did thank you! I know I can't look back on this post it makes me so hungry!



  2. Aw the lock is such a cute idea! Congratulations on two years

    Sophie x |

    1. It really is isn't it? We've inspired my parents to do it for their anniversary next year!



  3. Looks as though you had a lovely anniversary! I feel like I need to pay Liverpool a visit soon! x

    Charlotte |

    1. We did thank you Charlotte! We hadn't been in such a while - we used it as an excuse to pick Gaz up a new coat!