Monday 13 October 2014

Poundland Beauty: Creightons Squeeky Clean Daisy Fresh Shower Detox - Review

Hello everyone! As you can probably tell I am still filtering through the older blog posts from my old house at the moment however I have put in a few photographs in from my new photographing/blogging spot in my new house. Is it sad that I immediately found the best places for lighting when I moved in? Probably! Anyway today I am returning back to my well loved Poundland Beauty series which I must admit has been neglected recently! I haven't had much time to pop in to Poundland what with work but I promise you guys I will delve in to there soon!

Creightons Squeeky Clean Daisy Fresh Shower Detox

Anyway today I am returning to the Squeeky Clean brand that Poundland supply. I must admit I have been really loving this range of scented products. They are basic and get the job done. They would also be lovely beauty products for budding young people and also for travel so you wouldn't be worrying too much if you leave them behind in a hotel or break them!

The Squeeky Clean Daisy Fresh Shower Detox is the perfect raspberry scent once again that has been prevalent throughout the whole range. If you couldn't tell from the rather long, drawn out name of the product it is a shower gel! The lather is pretty fantastic for £1. Okay so there are no magical skin healing properties but for £1 what can you expect? I love the old fashioned photography and the bright packaging - slightly inspired by Soap & Glory wouldn't you say?

I love this brand simply because the scent is allowing me to cling on to the scent of summer as we delve in to the colder months. This shower gel has also been a must have for me whilst being in-between two houses during the process of a move and whilst being away and staying at others houses.

A big thumbs up for me for this brand! Have you tried Poundland's Squeeky Clean range or their Daisy Fresh Shower Detox?

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