Monday 18 August 2014

Book review: One By One by Chris Carter

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing a book which I absolutely loved and read within a few sittings! One By One by Chris Carter.

One By One by Chris Carter

One By One is a fictional story about Detective Robert Hunter of the LAPD's homicide special section. Hunter receives an anonymous call asking him to visit a specific web address - his own private broadcast. Hunter logs on to this website and what he sees is a private web show for his eyes alone that shock him to the core. However the caller doesn't just want to shock the detective... he wants him to participate in the fate of his victims. Throughout the novel Hunter receives various calls for various different web shows, each one as sickening as the last, however eventually the anonymous caller makes a new website address which is made public for everyone to watch and more importantly where anyone can cast the deciding vote on the fate of the victim.

This book is part of the 'Robert Hunter' series however you don't need to read these books in order which I love as I can pick and choose which ones I want to read next! This book is number five in the series. This novel falls under the detective/mystery/thriller genre. The novel itself is fast paced and kept me turning the page. I finished this book within a handful of sittings it was just so good! I particularly liked that this book questions society and the moral choices that we make. I also like how the book explores humans need to fill their curiosity. What made this book more scary, in my opinion, is how it could very well happen in a society that is so hooked on the internet and seeking thrills.

Overall I can't fault the storyline. It is so unique and new which is refreshing for a detective novel. For anyone that finds the new era of the internet entertaining or interesting this would be a fantastic read. 

Overall I totally recommend this book for anyone that is looking for a new thriller to add to their book shelf! Have you read One By One by Chris Carter? Have you read any of his other books? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I saw this in Waterstone's last week and was going to pick it up! Think I will deffo have to go back for it. Great review hun :)

    1. I totally recommend you pick it up! It is such a fantastic read!