Monday 28 April 2014

Poundland Beauty: Derma V10 Light Tinted Eye Roll On - Review

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Today I am continuing on with my Poundland Beauty blog post series! For those of you that have missed my previous Poundland blog posts I will leave the links at the bottom of this post! Today I will be taking a look at the Derma V10 range; specifically their light tinted eye roll on. If you are interested in this you can head over to the Derma V10 website here

Derma V10 light Tinted Eye Roll On

I picked up their eye roll on in light however from their website I can also tell they have a medium shade available. From what I can tell the light was in abundance and there was a whole shelf dedicated to just the light shade! Anyway I picked this up as a cheaper alternative as I have had my eye on the Garnier alternative for some time now - however I always like to see if I can find a cheaper alternative! One day nipping in to Poundland I saw this and thought I had to pick it up! 

The packaging is pretty basic - a simple black text on white plastic which for a pound you can't really complain! It is sturdy and gets the job done. Personally I think it would look sleeker with white text on a black background however that is just me being picky! The roller ball itself is covered with a screw on plastic tab which I like as because it is so near my eye, I can easily clean the lid with some boiling water occasionally to sterilize it. 

The roller ball itself is a cool metal ball which works fantastically. It really works to cool down the eye! If like me you work on top of early mornings and late nights then this will be a god send for you in the mornings! It really does wake up the eyes! The light shade it disperses as you can tell from the lid is the typical standard light shade. However the concealer that comes out is pretty liquid which helps as it doesn't sink in to those fine lines. Personally I find that the caffeine and roller ball are enough to wake up my under eye area! Overall a £1 for something that actually works to reduce under eye circles is amazing!

Have you tried anything from the Derma V10 range? Would you recommend any eye roll on products? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. that looks really good, i may have to pick some up next time i'm in poundland :)

    1. I suggest you do! Worth it since its only a pound!