Monday 23 December 2013

Soap & Glory The Yule Monty Limited Edition Jonathan Saunders Bag

Soap & Glory The Yule Monty Limited Edition Jonathan Saunders Bag £27 (RRP £60)

This has to be the most exited I have ever been when writing a blog post. EVER! I only became a fan of Soap & Glory after receiving some Soap & Glory presents last year for Christmas. When the Yule Monty which usually retails for £60 went down to £27 I totally missed the memo and missed the original online sales. So I decided to check my local boots who were also out of stock! By chance when a few more went back online I managed to snatch one up and quickly order it! You can just ask my other half if you want to know how exited I was that I would soon be receiving the Yule Monty limited edition bag!

Firstly I must tell you the bag is so big. I could tell it was big from the pictures and obviously the big containers of products you get however I didn't think it would be as big as it was! I love the bag it is a pink bag with silver detailing and has little silver buckle detailing on the zip saying 'Limited Edition'. The inside of the bag has a lovely smooth silver lining. Personally I have used this to organise my mini day to day make-up bags, make-up removers and skincare. It nicely stores all my daily products in one place that I can quickly access. It really is a strong and durable bag and since you get not only this but 9 products for £27 you definitely get a lot for your money! I can even see myself using this for when I go abroad to keep all my toiletries, make-up etc in.

The box has a little cardboard wrap around it that shows all the lovely products you will be receiving...and yes your eyes do not deceive you there are 9 full sized products!

So here are all the products! Some I have already tried but the majority I am completely new to. I have been meaning to expand the products I have tried from the Soap & Glory range however I thought now would be a great place to try more since each product works out at £3! So in the bag you get:

I have linked the products I have reviewed in case you would like to check them out. I will be sure to be posting reviews on the products I have yet to try!

And now on to the little surprise sample in the box! I hadn't actually read on many blog posts about this little sample so it was nice to see and have! The sample is for Soap & Glory Genius In a Bottle which is a serum/ moisturiser that you can use before your make-up. I'll be sure to review these samples for you guys! I really do like that Soap & Glory included 3 sample sachets for three uses. Big thumbs up there Soap & Glory!

So did you manage to get your hands on the Soap & Glory The Yule Monty bag? What were your thoughts? Or have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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