Friday 29 November 2013

Budget Beauty - George at Asda Dotty polish - limited edition

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well! If you have been following my blog recently you will see I have had a few budget steals as far as nail polish is concerned featured on the blog. Well here I am with another one! George at Asda Limited edition Dotty polish.

If you have ever searched the George at Asda beauty own brand products online you will know that a lot are seen as flop products rather than anything special with a lot of people saying you get what you pay for. So I thought I would check out their nail polishes as this one caught my eye as I was walking down their make-up isle and dismiss their make-up range.

I am all for a product that makes it look like you spent hours on a nail look when it only took seconds so I had high hopes for this product and it did not let me down.

First lets discuss cost. This polish comes in at £3 which to be honest is not too bad for a nail polish but I was still shocked at it being that price considering it is an own brand product. The polish itself is clear polish with black and white dots in. As you can see from the above nail look the effect it gives on the nail is really pretty and on a grey background it even resembles a marbled texture. 

On darker polishes the look is more subtle but is still there. I put a top coat of the dotty polish on my nails when I had had nail polish on for a few days and it was beginning to look dull and as you can see from above it definitely liveness it up! 

Now on to my only bug bare with this product... Much like glitter polish it is so stubborn to remove. You really need time to remove this polish, its not a polish you can just remove quickly in a minute before darting out the door - it requires elbow grease. Other than that I really love this polish and for a random buy in Asda I can say I am quiet happy with it!

So have you tried any of Asda's polishes or the George at Asda nail polish range? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Looks like a great dupe for the L'Oreal Confetti Polish x

    1. I haven't tried that yet but I'll have to take a look!



  2. That is great to hear that two readers have commented that its a good dupe! Will be fantastic for other readers so thank you!

    To be honest I haven't heard too much about their skin care range but I may have to look in to it now!