Friday 23 August 2013

*Funky Diva Colour Flash Clip In Hair Extensions* review and demo!

*This product is a PR Sample, as always my review is honest and all opinions are my honest thoughts*

So recently I was approached by Supermodel hair on twitter asking if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their hair extensions on my blog! I thought since I am reviewing a few more hair care products as of late it would be perfect timing for those of you who are interested in hair extensions! 

To go check out Supermodel Hair their website is here. I chose to review some funky red colored clip in hair extensions as since I have black hair whenever I do wear extensions its usually to add a pop of color! The ones I chose to review were from the synthetic hair extension range and where from the Colour Flash range which is basically a bunch of clip in colorful extension pieces for the hair! To see the range of colors available click here!

Funky Diva Colour Flash Hair Extensions

If you're interested in the particular color I chose click here! I chose red because I have always wanted to have red in my hair but as we all know because of work and such sometimes you can be restricted as to how you want your hair! These extensions with tax are only £2.51 for two in a pack which I was shocked with. When I was younger I bought a few synthetic hair extensions from my market and They were around £5 for two... they had that awful synthetic hair texture and smell! These however have none of that! 

Funky Diva Colour Flash Hair Extensions

As you can see Supermodel Hair sent me two packs so I had four insert pieces to mess around with! Personally I have very thick and long hair and four was just the perfect amount to add color in to the hair!

Funky Diva Colour Flash Hair Extensions packaging instructions

As you can see on the back of the packaging came some instructions for those of you that are new to using hair extensions. I thought I would also show you some pictures of How I applied them just for a little help!

Step One: Section off the hair

First step is to section off and clip up your hair to add in the extension in your hair where you would like it! The position is really up to you and depends on how much of the extension and color you would like to pop through! You can also trim them to whichever length you would like depending on where you put it in the hair. 

Step Two Section off the hair and clip it in

Depending on how many clip in extension pieces you want in each layer section of the bits of hair you would like to add an extension in to. Once you are happy with the placement clip them in. The clips are so easy to use and are really sturdy and hold on to the hair well without holding a tight grasp on the hair and potentially damaging or breaking the hair.

Step Three: Comb the Extensions through the hair and adjust as appropriate

Now its time to let your hair down! Literally! I just placed one of the Color Flash extensions in to one side of my hair and you can see what a difference it makes to my hair if you compare it to my other side which I left natural for comparison. From just one hair clip I thought my hair looked pretty good! I definitely think these clip in extensions can be used to create a build-able look depending on how intense you like your hair to look!

So on to the review! 

How did you find the packaging and what are the initial details on the product?

The packaging was the typical you would find for hair extensions. They were clipped on to a cardboard insert and covered. Two where inside the packaging. They are 16 inches in length which you can trim to your liking. For reference my hair is around bra strap length and is around the same length as the extensions which worked out nicely. On the back of the packaging is instructions on both how to use the extensions and how to wash and care for your extensions.

How do they feel/smell?

Honestly they feel very smooth and I haven't experienced that annoying static thing that can happen with some hair extensions! In the hair I couldn't feel them in and they didn't weigh down the hair any which was good. I know its weird to comment on smell but I always smell any new product! Is that weird? It probably is... anyway there was no smell to these extensions and even after I washed them there was still no noticeable scent. 

How do they react after being washed?

I often compare good extensions to good make-up brushes! We all wash our new make-up brushes wondering just how much will shed from them! Well with these there was no shedding which was good; and the same happened with wear of them I didn't have random red hairs fall from my head during the day.

How were they throughout the day?

Overall pretty good. As with any extensions I felt the need to make sure they were in right, level and sturdy but through normal wear they held up rather well!

What would you recommend these extensions for?

With such a variety of colors available these would be fantastic for fancy dress and dressing up as well as those that do want to try having a change of color or colored highlights in their hair without the full commitment of dying your own hair!

So overall I really liked these. For the value of £2.51 they are pretty impressive!

If you're interested in checking out these hair extensions I was able to agree on a 20% discount code for you all to use at checkout! Simply put in BellasBB20 when placing your order!

Have you tried any hair extensions that you're a big fan of? Or have you tried these ones! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are gorgeous, I've not heard of this brand before but being a hairdresser it helps to know all different types of online stores! I love hair extensions and I love wearing them :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I am new to wearing them as an adult :) I used to wear them when I was much younger but now my hair is so long and thick I am blessed with having the option to either choose them or not :)