Monday 11 March 2013

St Ives Body Scrub Review

St Ives is always a brand I've had a lot of confidence with. After hearing about it from friends I purchased their face exfoliant and their body exfoliant last year. This year I repurchased a new container of the product in time for summer as I only had about a 1/4 of my old tub left so I thought it best to write a review on it now! As you can see below on the left the old packaging was an orange colour but has now been changed to a clear cut white design; however the same high quality product stays the same.

Above: On the left, the old packaging of St Ives and on the Right the new packaging of the body scrub

So after using this product through the summer last year I continued to use it anyway as a weekly product after shaving to ensure that the skin was soft and all dead skin sells has been removed (doing this reduces any chance of ingrowing hairs). If you are intending to use this product as a help alongside trying to tan evenly the product does ensure that the skin is even and in the event that the skin gets burnt this product does help with the regeneration of new skin. This exfoliant does help to make the skin feel much smoother and has the pleasing scent of apricot alongside the product. There is also a large amount of product that is given (300ml) for a low cost (I purchased mine for £5.49). For such a high quality product at such a low price for so much product, there are no real negatives.

Above: The new packaging of the body scrub with the claim that the product instantly reveals ultra smooth and radiant skin

After a years use I still have a 1/4 of the tub left to use for the remainder of the spring until summer. I found myself buying a new tub as I bout my mum a tub of this for her upcoming holiday so she tans more evenly as she always complains of uneven tanning. To me this shows that the product can also be used along all age ranges which is a definite plus for me. I would definitely say that this product is a must for those going on holiday.

Above: The product inside the container - the little orange exfoliant beads can be easily seen

Overall since starting using the St Ives range both for my facial and body exfoliation I have never turned to another efoliant. Sometimes I feel some types of exfoliants can be aggravating to the skin especially if like me you have sensitive skin, however St Ives has never aggravated my skin. I would definitley say that those looking for a skin care range should definitely look into St Ives, its affordable, contains alot of natural products and is a really high quality drug store brand! Now to outline the positives and negatives of this product as always;

  • There is alot of product for such a low price
  • The smell of apricots is just right, not to subtle and not to overwhelming
  • It does not aggravate the skin
  • It exfoliates will to reveal smooth and soft skin which last for days
  • Great for those with sensitive skin
  • Sometimes can be hard to find in stores I find as it always tends to sell out when I'm repurchasing! One of those products which is best to order online if you want it guaranteed for a certain time.

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